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Barcoded - Service Mailers

Our Service mailers combined with M.A.P.S. data processing software is a great and less expensive way to target customers skipping Service Cycles, Recover Lost Souls or Steal Your Competitor’s Customers!.

One of the great business men of our time once said…

A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large. - Henry Ford

We believe this as well. Which is why we stand accountable for the “Real Results” of our Marketing Programs. All of our Programs are Barcoded or Encrypted with the Prospective Customer’s Information for Reporting Purposes. The Results ONLY get Reported if YOU Scan the Barcode and enter the R.O. Data. This is what our Dealers Love about our Programs.

Any Dealership with a strong Service Department and a Loyal Service Customer base, will thrive in Good and Bad Times! They will NOT falter when the economy loses steam.

Why have we forgotten how important the Dealership Fixed Operations are to the Survival of your business. Here are a few highlights of what our Service Mailers can do for you:

  • Increase Customer Pay R.O. Average!
  • Measures EXACT ROI!
  • Online Tracking & Reporting - “No Guessing”!
  • Point of Sale Referral Advertising, everyone Saves!
  • M.A.P.S. Identifies your True Primary Marketing Area!
  • Our Dealers enjoy Response Rates as High as 16%
  • Increase your ROI - Get All Departments Involved!
  • Media Formats that Everyone can Relate to!
  • QR Code URL Links to Service, Sales, Body Shop, Videos, Facebook, Twitter and more…

Each Service Mailer is Bar-Coded specific to the Prospect we are Targeting. The Campaign Results are Scanned & Logged BY YOU, the Dealer. Our Clients love Service CHEX because the Results are Real! Isn’t that Refreshing? We have Hundreds of References & Results for your review! Please call us or fill out our “Contact US” Page for your “FREE” Market Analysis Profile & 100 Checkbooks with your first order!!!

We Have Nearly 900 Dealer References Across the Country

Call Us Today at (888) 777-0036 for your
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