Optimizing and Redefining DMS Marketing Strategies

At Service CHEX, our “NO Cost” DMS Marketing Solutions are designed to add to your bottom line through Retention. By retaining your customers, you’re Increasing your Market Share by not losing them to your Competitors.

Our white labeled programs are tailored to your objectives;

  • Our TruFollowUp Solution allows your customers to buy a warranty from the comfort of their own home. Simply send a URL link out in your advertising.
  • TruFollowUp has a 0% Payment Option, everyone is Approved.
  • With TruFollowUp, there is No Remitting. You set the margins and collect the profits.
  • Service Drive application allows customers to input their VIN & Mileage to view VSC option plans.
  • Our mail Templates appear as if your Dealership is sending it. You don't pay for the Mail, the postage or the design, it's all included.
  • Use our Call Center program to reach customer prospects quickly and effectively with trained professionals.
  • Check out our "Marketing Programs" page for other DMS and New Business Campaigns to drive traffic into your Service Drive and Sales Departments.

We strive to offer our Dealers the best and most innovative marketing solutions. Let us help you take advantage of an untapped revenue source, your DMS.

With all our DMS Marketing Programs, you are in-charge. Your Customers will only see your Dealership information in the marketing materials you choose to offer.

You set the margins, we implement the processes.