We offer a wide variety of Ancillary Programs to our Dealers. In order to maximize penetration in Finance, you need to be able to offer a full array of protection plans. We understand that each customer is unique. In their mind, some protection plans will rank higher in priority than others. Past experiences may dictate which products they choose to purchase. Below are coverages we offer and backed by our A Rated Carriers.

  • Tire & Wheel - Curb damage, cosmetics, repair or replace
  • TruGap - Covers the difference between the net payoff and the Primary carrier settlement. Eligible up to 20 model years with a term up to 96 months. NADA Retail / MSRP up to $125,000, No Maximum Claim amount and No LTV Limits!
  • Key Replacement - Up to $5,000 in total Benefit and up to an 84 Month Term.
  • Prepaid Maintenance (PPW) - We can white Label your own Prepaid Maintenance Program. You receive 100% of the remaining money for unused maintenance.
  • Lease End Protection - Protection against the cost of excess wear and tear with up to $5,000 in Coverage and flexible term options! Give your customers piece of mind when they turn in their lease.
  • Bundled Products - Bundle and Save! We offer packages that your customers are sure you love.
  • Paintless Dent Repair - Terms from 12-84 Months with No Deductible or Mileage Limits!
  • Identity Theft - Recovery & 24/7 Monitoring, Fully Managed Identity Restoration, Family Coverage, Money back guarantee, perfect to Pre-Load with access to reporting and easy access of your program Performance online.
  • Etch - All Digital, easy to install and low-cost! The New and Improved Standard for Anti-Theft Protection!
  • Road Hazard - Terms of 12 - 84 Months, Repair or Replace from road debris or potholes! This is a no-hassle, affordable coverage that quickly gets you back on the road.
  • Interior Protection - Keep your interior protected with coverage plans of up to 84 months!
  • Appearance Protection - Keep your vehicles exterior looking like new, coverage plans of up to 84 months!
  • Antimicrobial Protection - Keep your customers vehicle protected from harmful odor causing microbes, germs, bacteria and viruses, with terms up to 7 years on New vehicles and 5 years on Preowned!
  • Windshield Protection - Treat your Windshield with Nano Technology, a covalently bonding chemical that fuses into the glass molecules to create a strong protective shield. Protects your windshield from chips, cracks, acid rain, water spots, deflects debris, improves clarity, reduces night glare, bugs are easily removed, strengthens the glass and repels water, ice and snow. Terms up to 84 Months.

For all coverage plans, call your Service CHEX Agent for details.

As with many of our Ancillary Products, we want to ensure you’re maximizing penetration in Finance. We can discuss options for Dealers that want to Reinsure, just call or fill out the contact us form.

We’ll call you!