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  Service & Sales CHEX, Savings Cards or Key Tags combined with M.A.P.S. (Market Analysis Profile System) is the absolute best form of media’s to Target Customers Skipping Service Cycles, Lost Souls or Your Competitors Sales or Service Customers! Click here for your "FREE Market Analysis Profile"
Service CHEX Overview

Service CHEX uses a series of proven, "Time Tested" methods to Identify & Target the Lost Souls within the Dealers DMS. M.A.P.S. was designed to identify your "True PMA" as determined by the Purchaser and is our Data Mining Process in which we use to Target Prospective Service & Sales Customers inside and outside of your database.

Creating a Manufacturer "Look and Feel" to our Service CHEX with a "Strong Call to Action" delivers a believable message to the customer that your Dealership not only has Competitive "Customer Pay" rates, but is the "Official Redemption Center" for Service CHEX!

Our Online Tracking & Reporting System gives you "EXACT ROI" results for every marketing dollar you spend! In depth Analysis and reporting allows you to view daily activities and Revenue Generated DIRECTLY off of your Marketing Campaign.


Click here for your "FREE Market Analysis Profile"


Step 1: Identifying the "Lost Soul"

Most Dealers will agree that for the past 50 years or so the customer has been repeatedly told to service their vehicle every 3/MO or 3,000 miles. We know that philosophy has changed many years ago.

Most manufacturers have switched their focus from CSI to Retention. With that in mind, we must also switch gears and ensure the customer is coming back in a timely fashion that matches the Dealer & Manufacturers objective. Targeting "Customer Pay" drivers that are Skipping Service Cycles, Lost Souls and New Business will build a solid foundation to grow your business & bottom line.

We also Target the Sales Customers that bought their vehicle at your Dealership, but are servicing it somewhere else. We will remove the customers driving vehicles that may still be under warranty unless you specifically ask to keep them on the list.

Step 2: Determine your "True PMA" (Primary Marketing Area)

M.A.P.S. geographically lays your Dealerships DMS data out on a MAP and separates the data into specific tables. These tables are used as a Blueprint to identify and target the Lost Customer.

The Manufacturer has defined the Dealer's Primary Marketing Area for many years. We at M.A.P.S. understand that your "True PMA" is determined by your customers purchasing habits.

By developing Marketing Campaigns based on "Real Data", you Maximize your ROI.

Step 3: "The Data Mining Process"

Our State of the Art "Data Hygiene" software filters the M.A.P.S. data and our Highly Targeted prospective customer list and merges into them into the best money can buy.

Our Data Mining Process takes the "Guess Work" out of your marketing campaign and Maximizes your ROI.

"Real Data" reports allow us to Drill down to Details and analyze which data to remove. This enhances Deliverability for the most Effective, Targeted & Cleansed data file available.

Step 4: Service CHEX "Strong Call to Action"

A Manufacturer "Look & Feel" along with a "Strong Call to Action" delivers a message to the recipient that you have competitive rates for vehicles "Out of Warranty".

Our Service Checkbooks come with 12 Custom Designed offers with your Dealership information and are tailored to the Dealerships strengths or weakness. Each offer is "Time Tested" and has the highest rates of redemption.

Our Cover letter thanks the prospective customer for their patronage and reviews what CHEX are inside the booklet. Naming your Dealership the "Official Redemption Center" ensures the customer will redeem the coupons in your Service Department. And finally, nothing happens unless the Envelope gets opened. We custom design and validate the Envelope with the "Official Redemption Center" stamp to increase our "Open" percentages.

Step 5: Online Tracking & Reporting

Measure your "Exact ROI" for your Marketing Campaign. Service CHEX Online Tracking & Reporting System was designed specifically for the Dealer to track their Marketing Results. You the Dealer, Scan & Log the Revenue from our Bar-Coded CHEX when the Customer redeems them in your Service, Parts, Sales or Body Shop Departments. Here are some of the reports available:

Service Results - Overview of Service Campaign
Sales Results - Overview of Sales Campaign
Leads - Report of all R.O.'s written that can be downloaded to Excel
Revenue by Date - Cumulative Total of Daily Revenue Generated
Offer Activity - Check Analysis Report - Breakdown of Revenue
Salesperson - Service Writer Report

Use our "Cutting Edge" technology to "Drill Down" the details. Provide your Service Manager with a reporting tool to assist in determining which "Writer" needs additional Sales Training. View Parts & Labor Revenue generated, Total Revenue, Average Ticket and more.....


"Incredible 14 times ROI from Service CHEX, will Continue doing business with them!"
Mike - General Manager
Southwest Toyota Dealer


"In 18 Years, I've never seen redemption rates like these.. Nearly 26%"
Troy - Fixed Ops Director
Southeast Honda Dealer


"Service CHEX has Recovered 215 Customers that haven't been in my Dealership in Over a Year! Thanks Service CHEX, will love your Program"
Tom - Service Director
Eastern CDJ Dealer


"In over 25 years of service advertising, I've never seen anything work as well as Service CHEX"
Ken - Service Director
Midwest Ford Lincoln Dealer


"I've been a Service Director for over 30 years in CT, Service CHEX is the Best Return I've ever seen. Thanks Service CHEX!"
Steve - Service Director
Northeast Ford Dealer







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