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  Service & Sales CHEX, Savings Cards or Key Tags combined with M.A.P.S. (Market Analysis Profile System) is the absolute best form of media’s to Target Customers Skipping Service Cycles, Lost Souls or Your Competitors Sales or Service Customers! Click here for your "FREE Market Analysis Profile"
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Service Checkbooks combined with M.A.P.S. is the best Media to target Customers skipping Service Cycles, Recover Lost Souls or Steal Your Competitor's Customers!

Ask any Dealer that's been in business for 50 plus years and they will tell you.... My business was built on Service, NOT Sales! Show me a Dealership with a Strong Service Department and a Loyal Service Customer base, and I will show you a Dealership that will Survive through these turbulent times. Why then, over the past 30 years, has that philosophy changed and we've forgotten how important the Dealership Fixed Operations are to the Survival of your business.

How does a Customer become a Lost Soul? Once the Warranty Customers falls out of Warranty, their Perception is that they can not afford to fix their vehicle at the Dealership. Perception is Reality! Our "Service CHEX" program was specifically designed to change Customer Perception and let them know that your Dealership is as competitive as the independent "Repair Facility" down the street.

As we come Full Circle and realize that Parts & Service will be the Profit Center for Dealerships for the foreseeable future, we then must adjust our Advertising efforts to target those prospects that are keeping their "Customer Pay" vehicles longer, and get them in to your Dealership.


Click here for your "FREE Market Analysis Profile"


"We saw an incredible 14 times ROI from the Service Chex program.  I will definiatly continue to do business with them!"
Mike - General Manager
Southwest Toyota Dealer

"Service Chex has recovered 215 customers that haven't been in my dealership in over a year! Thanks Service CHEX, we love your program"
Tom - Service Director
Eastern CDJ Dealer

"In 18 years, I've never seen redemption rates like these... Nearly 26%"
Troy - Fixed Ops Director
Southeast Honda Dealer

Service Chex will Rev UP your Service and Parts Departments! Now, more than ever, you need to invest in the customers that plan to keep their vehicles a little longer!
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